#ThreeThings Thanksgiving trip California-Nevada-Utah

All the good things come with count of 3. Three horses to make Russian Troika, Three sons of a Tsar in a Russian fairy tale and 33 warriors of Chernomor's crew.
Our trip to Nevada and Canyons was a typical good three things deal!

  • Three states California-Nevada-Utah
  • Three National Parks Zion-Bryce-Death Valley
  • Three days in fabulous Las Vegas

That was a unique week, to save some money I've decided to drive Menlo Park - Las Vegas, the rest of the family flew in the same day evening and I met them at the airport.

After a night in Las Vegas . we headed towards Zion national park. as noted by a shuttle bus driver who was entertaining tourists, Zion is one of the most visited National Parks in the USA with 4.3 mln visitors in 2018. Absolutely deserved Zyon has greeted us with incredible colors of the sandstones and minerals, stiff walls of a canyon and magnificent view of boiling Virgin river, which has created th canyon over million years of erosion. 

Traveling to Bryce Canyon on the next day was a bit of a hassle. The canyon is located at 8000+ feet of elevation and the end of November had greeted us with massive snow and -10degC next day that was feeling like all -20... because of the high winds. Didn't spoil the experience much... unfortunately, we were not able to hike in the Canyon itself much because of the icy crust and slippery trails but the upside-down views are still fascinating. 

After a series of snowfalls and honestly quite a freezing Siberia flashback we came back to fabulous Las Vegas with Cirque du Soleil, Michelin star restaurant Spago, Dancing Fountains and just a great time in the Luxury hotel, which is coming for the cost of Hostel in mama California. 

The road back to California was lying over the Death Valey national park we've planed for 5.5 hours of driving,  but with all the stops and sightseeing took as whole 9 hours. remind me never plan like that.  It . was obviously a little too much driving for one single day. The landscapes of Death Valley are quite unique and more looking like Mars then like earth. 

The last day of the trip was a stop in the capital of California oilfield -Bakersfield, I'm trying to think Andrey jr. was impressed with seeing oilfield jack pumps for the first time in his life.


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